The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Your Lincoln

Every responsible car driver knows how important routine maintenance is to the continued health of their vehicle. With a luxury model like a Lincoln, it's even more vital that you stay up to date with regular service appointments to ensure your model will serve you for as long as possible. Here at Ganley Lincoln of Middleburg Heights local to Cleveland area drivers, we want to share the best practices for keeping up with your Lincoln model.

General Recommendations Regarding Routine Maintenance

First and foremost, the easiest way to know how often you should be visiting your service center is by referring to your vehicle's owner's manual. Or, you can call our dealership near Medina, OH for specific maintenance schedules for your Lincoln model. All Lincoln vehicles have important mileage markers that signal it's time to come in for service and for our expert technicians to examine your vehicle's parts and pieces.

What are Common Maintenance Mileage Markers?

By 10,000-miles, you probably need an oil change and oil filter replacement with high-performance synthetic oil. This will keep your engine healthy and working properly. You also want to take your Lincoln model in for a tire rotation and brake pad inspection. A general multi-point inspection is always a good idea at this mile marker.

By 20,000-miles, your Lincoln model should have another inspection, as well as general oil changes and tire rotations. By 30,000-miles, bring your Lincoln in for a more thorough inspection that includes transmission flushes, rear axle lubrication, as well as hose connections under the hood. Finally, by 40,000-miles, you'll find all the typical inspections and fluid changes with the addition of ball joints, u-joints, and drive-shafts to be checked out.

Schedule a service appointment with Ganley Lincoln of Middleburg Heights local to drivers coming from Strongsville and Parma today. Our team of service technicians would be more than happy to take care of you.

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