Buy or Lease a New Lincoln Aviator Near Cleveland, OH

The Lincoln Aviator Sports Impressive Style, Capabilities, and Luxury

The Lincoln Aviator is an impressive SUV that our team in Middleburg Heights is very excited about. This SUV's styling is absolutely unique, giving the SUV an elegant touch that makes it look luxurious, both inside and outside. Its powertrain options are outstanding because they all can give the SUV sufficient power to perform all its essential functions. We have outlined some features that make this Lincoln Aviator more superior than other SUVs in its class.


Remarkably, the Lincoln Aviator comes with the option of choosing various powertrains. For example, you have the option of choosing a V6 powertrain that has an impressive 400-horsepower. The 3.0-liter V6 engine is paired with a ten-speed automatic transmission. Moreover, you can also choose to go with a V8 engine that is more potent, with 494 horsepower and a ten-speed automatic transmission.

The performance of the Lincoln Aviator is also excellent because it has some fantastic features. It has an exemplary steering system that is easy to handle, for starters, and it also gives the SUV smooth turns because of its preciseness. Besides, the SUV's suspension system is also superb because it has a unique ability to absorb shock on a bumpy road, which significantly helps in giving the people riding the vehicle a smooth ride.

Interior & Comfort

The interior of the Lincoln Aviator is very spacious, and it also has a capacity of seven seats. Impressively, the seats have adequate space between them, meaning that they can accommodate even taller folks comfortably. Besides, the seats' materials are also of excellent quality, which significantly enhances this SUV's comfortability.

Moreover, the seats also have a heating function, which significantly enhances this model's comfort because it keeps people warm during the winter season. This luxury SUV's steering wheel is also remarkable because it is also heated, keeping the driver warm during winter, which significantly boosts their concentration on the road. The Lincoln Aviator also has a commodious cargo space at the back of the model. Impressively, the cargo space is sufficient to tow substantial cargo, and it can also be increased by folding the back seats of the SUV.

Safety Features

The Lincoln Aviator has been given a five-star safety rating because of all the impressive safety features it has. For example, it has a lane-keeping assist feature that works with a camera to ensure that the driver does not switch lanes recklessly on the road. Ideally, sudden lane changing might cause confusion on the road, leading to fatal accidents. Fortunately, the lane-keeping assist alerts the driver whenever they switch lanes without proper signals.

Moreover, it also has an adaptive cruise feature that helps the driver of the SUV to control the model's speed relative to other vehicles on the road. Uniquely, the system can determine the speed of the surrounding SUV's, and consequently, help the driver regulate the luxury SUV's speed so that they don't collide with the cars in front.

Additionally, the Lincoln Aviator also has a collision prevention system. The system uses a camera and a sensor to detect anything in front of the SUV that can cause a collision. Ideally, if the system notices something that may cause an accident, it alerts the driver to take proper actions to prevent the collision. However, if the driver is slow to react, the system applies an emergency brake to stop the SUV.


This impressive Lincoln luxury SUV also has an excellent technological system. It has Wi-Fi connectivity that ensures that the people using the model stay connected to the internet. Its infotainment system is also exceptional because it has some outstanding features, and it is also easy to use.

Lincoln Aviator Trim Options

  • Lincoln Aviator Standard
  • Lincoln Aviator Reserve
  • Lincoln Aviator Black Label
  • Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring

The Lincoln Aviator is an excellent and comfortable SUV to drive. In truth, we at Ganley Lincoln of Middleburg Heights near Cleveland are very excited about this luxury SUV. It would be best for you to start looking at the purchase and lease options for this impressive vehicle because it is worth it. Moreover, you should also browse current Lincoln Aviator offers and start the online buying process.


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